Monday, January 24

They present a book “A true hero, this is not a story” about children in the middle of the pandemic

«A true Hero, this is not a story», the new book that was presented at the culture Ministry (MyCulture) on children in the midst of the Covid-19.

This didactic example is about a story told from the point of view of children and that has been written by the Panamanian model and businesswoman Viera Algandona, in collaboration with Victor Murgas and Gregory Manrique, two producers who have also joined this interesting project.

The story recounts the love, bravery, magic, illusion, union and strength of its main characters, in times of pandemic, highlighting the different heroes who were on the front line, heroes with true super powers such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, policemen, firefighters, messengers, supermarket cashiers, and the reporter for the newscast called NOTICOVID, among others.

Carlos Aguilar Navarro, Minister of Culture at the event expressed “the importance of this children’s book is that it exposes through stories, all the situations that we have experienced as a Panamanian society, around the pandemic, this work is a record of a very difficult historical moment for all and above all that contributes to exalt and highlight the heroic work of many people who with their efforts contributed to moving the country forward ”.

For his part Viera Algaldona eI emphasize “it is not always about resources, it is more than anything else the will to do things, in this team we are all creative and capable and soon we will meet again to finish the second part of this book.”

“This wonderful story is narrated by Teo, an 8-year-old Panamanian boy who will teach them a great lesson and show the feeling of a true hero, but from home”, as mentioned by Viera Algandona, author of the work.

This book will be distributed in the Colmena Reading Centers, in Public Libraries of the country, community meetings and in summer activities with young people from different neighborhoods.