Wednesday, July 6

They present impressive robot tank that works with AI | Digital Trends Spanish

The war It’s becoming creepy by the day as humans are giving way to robots as the main controllers of machines and weapons. That’s exactly what Estonian robotics and autonomous systems developer Milrem Robotics showed off an AI-powered tank.

The tank, nicknamed Type-Xis designed to allow troops to “break through enemy defensive positions with minimal risk,” according to one 2021 statement by Milrem Robotics, by providing “equal or superior firepower and tactical use to a unit equipped with infantry fighting vehicles.”

The tank can be equipped with massive cannons, anti-tank missiles, and even tethered drones for remote reconnaissance.

“You want to send them to take the most dangerous positions because there are no men inside,” said Gert Hankewitz, director of market and export control at Milrem, a National defense a early this week. “If it explodes, everyone in the manned vehicles behind it will stay safe.”

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