Monday, August 8

They present the book “Lost stories of the Panama Canal”, a narrative from the Panamanian point of view

As part of the Cultural Series of the City of Knowledge Foundation, the historian and Drag. Marixa Lasso presented “Lost stories of the Panama Canal“, The Spanish version of the book”Erased”, a work that arises from the “erasure of an official part of history and the displacement of about 40,000 residents of towns and places razed to make way for the construction of the transoceanic canal,” says the author.

This translation was achieved thanks to the support of the City of Knowledge Foundation, for publication in the publisher CRÍTICA, from Grupo Planeta.

For Lasso “the story does not make sense if it is not complete” for this reason he decided to generate, after a rigorous investigation of archives and personal sources, this text in which he describes from a Panamanian point of view, the destruction of a commercial culture and environmental for the conception of a great work of the Twentieth century and a new American aesthetic.

The event, moderated by Dr. Samuel Robles, was attended by Dr. Guillermo Castro and Adrienne Samos, who portrayed the book as a revealing work, with lessons of great significance. During the presentation, held at the City of Knowledge Convention Center, Samos, in charge of this translation into Spanish, assured that this was a “delicate study that revives all of history to the present and that presents many actors and groups”, while Dr. Castro described it as a “school book that encompasses other areas of our cultures.”