Friday, August 12

They present the cell phone for web 3.0 and the blockchain: solana Saga | Digital Trends Spanish

The OSOM OV1, an Android phone launching from the same people who brought you the Essential Phone, is now being rebranded as a blockchain phone. nicknamed Solana SagaIt has all the flagship 2022-era specs you’d expect, a 2023 release date, and a $1,000 starting price with a $100 pre-order deposit.

The Saga phone has all the makings of a great Android phone. It has a 6.67-inch OLED display, 12GB of RAM paired with 512GB of storage, and it’s all powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1. There’s no word on battery or charging capabilities though, and the phone design is hidden. The key selling point of this model is support for web3 (or crypto) capabilities. If your vocabulary is full of words like gas money and airdrop, this is the phone for you.

“Nearly 7 billion people use smartphones worldwide and more than 100 million people have digital assets, and both numbers will continue to grow,” Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko said in a press release. “Saga sets a new standard for the web3 experience on mobile devices.”

“We chose the name Saga because the history of crypto is still being written,” said Raj Gokal, co-founder of Solana. “This is the next chapter in this narrative and we believe that opening up crypto to mobile devices will lead to more adoption, better understanding and more opportunities.”

Along with the saga, Solana also presents Solana Mobile Stack, a software development kit that would enable native web3 applications on Android platforms. The Saga would be the first phone to support it natively.

“Developers have been blocked for too long from building truly decentralized mobile apps because the existing gatekeeper model just doesn’t work anymore,” Yakovenko said. “We live our lives on our mobile devices, except for web3 because there hasn’t been a mobile-centric approach to private key management. Solana Mobile Stack shows a new way forward in Solana that is open source, secure, web3 optimized and easy to use.”

It’s a bit of an odd phone, combining the worst instincts in technology to deliver an exceptionally curious device. It’s an enthusiast phone, but the launch is far enough in the future that you might forget about it. It has flashy specs that will be outdated by launch, and it’s focused on meeting demand from a market that can be charitably described as a borderline rip-off. If this story sounds familiar, it’s because Solana isn’t the first to try her hand at it. HTC has also worked on some crypto-focused phones of its own. One imagines that Solana will have the same success. Looking at the company’s confidence levels in its own product, the Solana Saga is priced in US dollars and not Bitcoin. We’ll leave it there.

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