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They propose to launch a probe to study the enigmatic Oumuamua | Digital Trends Spanish

1I/ʻOumuamua is one of the most mysterious objects discovered in our universe; It was first captured in October 2017 during its passage through the solar system and, since then, has left a series of questions.

Until now it is unknown what Oumuamua is, which has motivated all kinds of theories. One of the most controversial suggests that this stellar object is actually an abandoned alien spacecraft.

Today, Oumuamua is beyond the reach of telescopes. For this reason, a group of researchers from the Initiative for Interstellar Studies and Space Initiatives has proposed a plan that does not seem so far-fetched: send a probe to closely study what this mysterious object is.


“All the explanations given so far have one characteristic in common: they are extraordinary. Due to the enigmatic nature of Oumuamua and to resolve this issue, it would be vital to have additional data”, point out the scientists behind this project.

According to the researchers’ calculation, if the probe is launched in 2028 it could reach Oumuamua in 26 years.

To get closer to the object, the device would not have to pass through the Sun, but it would be enough for it to take advantage of the enormous gravity of Jupiter to gain momentum. It should also pass by Venus and twice by Earth, according to what scientists say.

For now, there are no concrete plans to carry out this mission, nor is there an assigned budget. If a spacecraft is not launched, the researchers suggest that the other alternative is to wait for an object with similar characteristics to pass by the Earth again and this time make the most of the opportunity to study it.

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