Monday, May 29

They publish the complete script of Spider-Man: No way home | Digital Trends Spanish

We have something for your spidermania: you can read the entire script of the movie Spider-Man: No way home. Since you’ve most likely already seen the movie, we think the script, rather than spoiling the plot for you, will give you more details about the biggest hit movie of the holiday season, and by the way, give you another look at the hit movie starring Tom Holland and well, several other spider-men.

The script was published by the portal dead line, and among the aspects to be highlighted, the code name stands out first: “Serenity now”. The title refers to a phrase from the comic series Seinfield. In fact, the scripts for the past movies, Homecoming and Far From Home, used titles like “Summer of George” and “Fall of George.”


The screenplay was written by Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers, and if you’re interested, the most iconic scenes of the film appear on pages 124, where the Spider-Man played by Tobey Maguire is introduced, and who is referred to in the script as “Raimi-verse Peter”. Just in case, the Spider-Man played by Tom Holland, who belongs to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is identified simply as “Peter”.

However, the scene that marked the fans, in which the three spider-men (let’s not forget that Andrew Garfield also appears in No way home) join forces, appears on page 150.

Also, the wonderful ending where, well, you know, it’s on page 181.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to go back to the movies to see the fantastic Spider-Man: No way home, and is that the transcended say that we will see the film available for purchase at the end of February.

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