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They recreate Checo Pérez’s F1 vehicle with paper and glue | Digital Trends Spanish

This Sunday, November 7, the Mexican Grand Prix will take place, which corresponds to a new date of the exciting Formula 1 championship.

As a way to anticipate this journey, a Mexican craftsman built a replica of the vehicle driven by his compatriot, Sergio Pérez.

It is an RB7 driven by the Guadalajara driver, built like a piñata, since its interior can break. The idea of ​​its author, Rodrigo Alcaraz Estrella, is that “Checo” can sign his creation.

As it did?

For this unique model, the craftsman used cardboard, paint and glue. It is five meters long by two meters wide, so its dimensions are very close to the original version.

Also its aesthetics, because the replica was adorned with the colors and designs that the Red Bull team uses in its F1 vehicles. In fact, Alcaraz Estrella pointed out that his creation is a tribute to the Mexican driver and the Austrian team to which he belongs.

At the same time, the craftsman behind this project invited the entire Red Bull team to come to his workshop to see the race car that he made himself.

It should be remembered that the last Formula 1 race was held in the United States, where Pérez obtained third place behind Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and his teammate Max Verstappen, also from Red Bull.

The Mexican Grand Prix will be held at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez located in Mexico City.

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