Wednesday, January 26

They register a slight slowdown in prices in supermarkets

The Supermarket Price Index (IPS-CESO), which is relieved every week, showed a variation of 0.5% in relation to the previous week and of 2.6% with respect to four weeks ago.

The increase of the last four weeks (+ 2.6%) was higher than the previous value (2.4%).

In the last week, the items with the most significant increases were those of dry food (+ 1.3%), perfumery (+ 0.7%) and beverages (+ 0.6%).

In fresh food: cold cuts showed a decrease of 2.6%; while pasta and pasta led the rise with 2.5% and meats increased 0.9%

Among dry foods, the largest increases were in sweets and jams (+ 5.1%), cookies (+ 2.6%), sweets (+ 2.3%) and food to prepare (+ 2.3%).

In beverages, those with alcohol increased 0.6%.

Meanwhile, in cleaning, the sub-subheads cleaning accessories (+ 0.5%), bathroom cleaning (+ 0.3%) and papers (+ 0.3%) registered the most relevant increases.

On the other hand, in household appliances, losses were recorded in air conditioning (-5.3%) and cell phones and telephony (-2.3%), while in outdoor furniture (-1%) within the home category, which compensated with the increases in indoor furniture (+1.0 %) and pets (+ 0.6%).

In the perfumery business, the main increases were in hair care (+ 1.2%) and pharmacies (+ 0.7%); and in the textile and apparel category, clothing increased 0.1%.

Other products with variations to highlight in the last seven days were the coal, with a rise of 3.5%; and accessories for cars, with a decrease of 3%.