Monday, March 4

They rescue the dead boy Rayan, trapped for five days at the bottom of a well in Morocco

The five-year-old boy Rayan was rescued dead after spending five days at the bottom of a 32-meter well, according to a statement from the Cabinet of the Royal House of Morocco.

The boy was urgently removed from the drilled hole and put into an ambulance that was waiting at the scene amid a large security deployment.

Rescuers managed to reach the bottom of the 32-meter shaft where Rayan was located after digging to this depth using a vertical and then horizontal drilling technique.

Rayan fell last Tuesday into a narrow 32-meter-deep hole in the northern town of Ighran.

To rescue him, the Moroccan troops first dug vertically parallel to the well and then horizontally, in a delicate operation in which small material is used due to the fragile nature of the land in the area to avoid cracks or landslides. A helicopter from the Royal Gendarmerie had moved to the place to transfer the child if necessary.

Social networks in Morocco and in several countries in the Arab world have turned since last Tuesday to express their solidarity with the child’s parents. Many netizens changed their profile pictures to Rayan’s.