Sunday, December 5

They reveal the “lobby” of Amazon to keep the data of its users

“Amazon shamefully launched a campaign to undermine privacy regulations while its devices listen to and observe our lives,” US Senator Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat who has been involved in bipartisan negotiations over privacy legislation, wrote on Twitter on Friday.

“This is now the classic Big Tech movement: deploying money and armies of lobbyists to fight meaningful reforms in the shadows, yet they claim to publicly support them.”

The disclosures underscored the need for bipartisan action on stronger privacy protections, he wrote. No major federal privacy law has been passed by Congress in years because its members have been stuck on the issue.

US Senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon who has introduced several privacy bills in recent years, said in a statement that the Reuters report showed how companies, including Amazon, are “spending millions to weaken state laws. “and hoping that Congress will also dilute federal legislation” until it is worth nothing. “

“Congress must prove Amazon wrong and pass legislation that ultimately stops large corporations from abusing and exploiting our personal data,” Wyden said.

When asked to comment, Amazon Inc did not directly address criticism from lawmakers of its lobbying campaign against privacy protections. The company reiterated its statement for a Reuters report, saying it prefers federal privacy legislation to a “patchwork” of state regulations.

The company said it wants a federal privacy law that “requires transparency about data practices, prohibits the sale of personal data without consent, and ensures that consumers have the right to request access to and deletion of their personal information.”

“What they mean is that they support privacy legislation that protects their profits and their right to extract consumer data, including voice recordings and facial scans,” it said in a statement. “Congress is not convinced and this does not intimidate us.”

Two other lawmakers representing areas with a significant presence on Amazon, U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican, and U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene, a Washington state Democrat, also said Reuters findings showed the need for a federal action to protect consumers.

“Congress will protect consumer privacy to prevent large technology companies from stealing personal information from Americans, whether these companies like it or not,” Blackburn said in a statement.

By Chris Kirkham and Jeffrey Dastin, from Reuters agency

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