Thursday, September 16

They sanction a neighbor of Bermeo for animal abuse after finding two mares “abandoned and malnourished” on his property

A neighbor of Bermeo has been filed by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and faces a fine of between 3,001 and 60,000 euros for “seriously violating” the health and animal welfare regulations by having two mares in state on his property. of “malnutrition and neglect”.

The disciplinary proceedings have been carried out after a group of people who are fond of horse riding found last Sunday, August 22, in a private farm located between Bakio and Bermeo two horses in a state of “malnutrition and abandonment”, according to the complaint. from the Anti-Bullfighting Animalist Collective of Bizkaia.

“They discovered them and tried to take care of them, but they could only give them water since they had no feed or anything else. They had no water or food, they were malnourished and abandoned, and they brought it to the attention of the Provincial Council,” Kontxi Reyero, president, told this newspaper. of the group that has denounced the owner of the property before the Provincial Council by means of a letter.

According to reports from the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, at the request of a Rural Patrol of the Ertzaintza, a veterinarian from the Livestock Service “appeared on two occasions” at the farm where the animals were found. The first, on August 23, according to the institution, “the owner of the land could not be located”, while the next day, on August 24 and accompanied by a patrol of the Bermeo Municipal Police, the veterinarian ” carried out an analysis of the state of the animals during which he found that one of the mares had a problem in the hooves and that the other, aged close to 20 years, had a very poor state of meat “.

After the inspection, the owner of the farm has not been able to prove the ownership of the animals. “The youngest mare has a microchip in the name of another person and no identification was provided to prove the purchase by the Bermeo neighbor from whom a file has been opened. In the case of the older mare, she did not even have a microchip or other identification documents “, indicates the Diputación through a statement.

“We do not know who the mares belong to, but in the photos they took it is seen that one of the mares has a letter” E “on one leg, which is the brand of the stud and we have the intuition, but we cannot assure it, that they are from the Army. Either the Army has sold them to a villager or they are from the Army, “says Reyero.

After the veterinarian carried out the intervention, they analyzed the possibility of transferring the animals to regional facilities. However, they ruled out this possibility because “the transfer could cause greater damage to the older mare and alterations in the ethology of both animals, which could harm their well-being,” they detail from the Biscay Provincial Council, who confirm that the Livestock Service will monitor the situation. For its part, the resident in the file has a period of one week to begin the “therapeutic treatment” of the health problems of the two mares and to regularize the situation of these animals.

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