Tuesday, November 28

They say that Meta is spying on its users with codes | Digital Trends Spanish

An investigation of a former Google engineer is causing controversy, as it states that Goal is placing tracking codes on Instagram and Facebook to spy on their users.

The two apps have been taking advantage of the fact that users who click on links are taken to web pages in an “in-app browser,” controlled by Facebook or Instagram, rather than being sent to the user’s web browser of choice. like Safari or Firefox.

“The Instagram app injects its tracking code into every website that is displayed, even when clicking on ads, allowing them to monitor all user interactions, such as every button and link clicked, text selections, screenshots, etc. as well as any form input, such as passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers,” Felix Krause saysa privacy researcher who founded an app development tool acquired by Google in 2017.

In a statement, Meta said injecting a tracking code was based on user preferences about whether or not to allow apps to track them, and was only used to aggregate data before being applied for targeted advertising or measurement purposes to those users who opted out of such tracking.

“We intentionally developed this code to honor people’s choices [Pedir rastrear] on our platforms,” ​​a spokesperson said. “The code allows us to aggregate user data before using it for targeted advertising or measurement purposes. We do not add any pixels. The code is injected so we can add conversion events from pixels.”

They added: “For in-app browser purchases, we seek user consent to save payment information for autofill purposes.”

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