Wednesday, January 19

They seek alternatives to guarantee rice production in 2022, with financing from BNP

To look for mechanisms that guarantee the existence of fertilizers, inputs and financing, that ensure the national and rice production next year, different sectors met and analyzed the current situation, with executives from the Panama national bank (BNP), including its manager Javier Carrizo.

In these moments of instability in prices and the shortage of agricultural products in the world market, it is important that our producers have the assurance that they will be able to count on them for next year’s production ”, highlighted the Minister of Agricultural Development, Augusto Valderrama.

He noted that will call a new meeting in which they will invite the millers, rice farmers and representatives of Andia, to refine details requested by the National Bank for possible financing, to guarantee the country’s food security and overcome the crisis of the rise in agricultural inputs worldwide.

At the meeting, the head of Mida was accompanied by his work team; the National Association of Agricultural Input Distributors (Andia), representatives of the rice sector, Banco de Desarrollo Agropecuario and Banco Nacional, details the Mida press release.

Lucas Sánchez de Andia, described the meeting as important, since itThere is concern in maintaining the necessary supplies For producers to continue producing food and to achieve this, resources are required.

Asher Melamed, rice producer, highlighted that thanks to President Laurentino Cortizo Cohen; Minister Valderrama and the directors of the National Bank formulas are being sought to deal with it to the global problem, due to the scarcity and rise of inputs, which will guarantee the food of the Panamanian.

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