Sunday, August 7

They shoot at the balcony of a student apartment in Cartagena where the republican flag flies

At twelve o’clock this Monday he returned to the apartment that José Antonio, a university student from Cartagena shares with other colleagues. Upon arriving from his classes, he realized that a shot had gone through the dining room window, as witnessed by the photo that he posted on his Twitter account shortly after and that has gone viral.

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The young people have a Republican flag hanging from the balcony of their apartment, located in the Sector Estación neighborhood, although it has not yet been revealed if the shot is directly related to the insignia. The National Police – according to what this newspaper has learned – traveled to the young man’s home and has opened an investigation to clarify the facts.

“It caught us by surprise, it was something that we did not expect at all; when I entered the dining room I saw a hole in the window and it seemed to me from the beginning that it was a bullet hole,” he tells on the other end of the phone. Jose Antonio.

“We called the landlady to warn her, and our parents, because we were worried and it was they who advised us to call the police.” Once the agents appeared at the home, they confirmed that the impact had been caused by a bullet “and they told us that they would also come from the Scientific Police; and they did.”

According to José Antonio’s account, the shot was fired from the highest floors of the building in front of his, that there are seven possible suspect floors and that the projectile is a gimmicked bullet – a large, metallic pellet – that has been found in the courtyard below.

Now they are considering whether to remove the flag from the balcony. “One of the four companions who are on the floor sleeps very close to the dining room; on the one hand we are afraid that it will repeat itself and on the other we do not want to get rid of it because there is the dilemma that the person who has shot would have achieved what he wanted “.

The policemen, he says, “from their conversations, it seemed clear that the shot had been caused by the insignia of the Republic.”

Rifirrafe with a neighbor

Already during the confinement, José Antonio recalls, he waved the flag on his balcony and had a scuffle with a neighbor from the other building, “but he has already put the apartment up for sale and does not continue living here; what happened was that one day I He raised the Franco flag in response to our Republican flag but it stayed there. ”

The boys, who still do not accept what has happened and have been concerned about this episode, have assured not to have problems with neighbors or colleagues. “We don’t even have parties, we are quiet people, we don’t understand how there are people who are shooting down the street and who have shot at us.”