Thursday, January 27

They simplify a key procedure for exporting SMEs

“The main changes are related to the simplification in the preparation of the foreign sales invoice, which will now be managed by the exporter himself without the need to resort to a logistics operator”, reported the AFIP through a statement.

With the changes introduced, “processes are simplified, while customs inspection and control of foreign trade operations is enhanced.”

The new version of Exporta Simple 2.0 “It is the result of joint work with the Ministry of Productive Development and is available from November 1”, said the collecting body.

The modifications also allow “a greater participation of logistics operators with the entry of new actors, so that exporters have greater diversity in their choice”

Through the Exporta Simple 2.0 platform, the portal will issue the new “Simplified Export Document” (DES), which will replace the proforma invoice.

More than 2,600 users already use the small and medium-sized business export simplification tool. Foreign sales operations were carried out for an average of US $ 2,810 each and weighing 37.5 kilos.

There are more than 120 destinations for exports through this regime, with a predominance to the United States, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico and Peru.