Thursday, October 28

They suspend the march for the rights of Parot, with 39 murders, and acts against the “life imprisonment” of ETA prisoners will be organized

Sare has called off the march organized for this Saturday in Arrasate-Mondragón by ETA prisoner Henri Parot and will carry out alternative acts in town squares against “life imprisonment.” In an appearance before the media, Sare has made known his decision to call off the demonstration because, from some sectors, it has tried to “criminalize”, but has transferred “the claim against life imprisonment” to the places of “the towns of Euskal Herria “that same day, according to Europa Press.

The National Court refuses to prohibit the act for the rights of the ETA Parot prisoner by not appreciating a crime

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Both the National Court and the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country had refused to prohibit the act by failing to assess a crime. The main argument, both from the judge of the National Court José Luis Calama and from the Prosecutor’s Office, is that at the moment there are no elements that allow determining whether the facts could hypothetically constitute any crime, and criminal law can only prosecute and punish crimes that have already occurred. “In other words, criminal law cannot be acted on as a preventive measure, as such action implies associating legal consequences that limit rights or directly or indirectly imposing sanctions on the basis of mere hypotheses about the future and uncertain commission of crimes,” says the magistrate.

The Basque Government has also shown its rejection of the march before learning that it had been called off. The spokesman, Bingen Zupiria, has acknowledged that he does not understand “the provocative approach”. “The only thing that has been achieved is to generate misunderstanding towards the procedure, the form and the objectives with which it has supposedly been raised,” he added. In statements to Radio Euskadi, collected by Europa Press, Zupiria has affirmed that he can understand that, “from the nationalist left and the world that accompanies the ETA prisoners, they want to modify the legislation in force that allowed, when terrorism existed , toughen penalties for those convicted of crimes of terrorism “. “I can understand that a change in legislation is being proposed at this time without terrorist violence. It is more difficult for me to understand this provocative approach that they have made for this weekend in Arrasate,” he criticized.

As he has argued, a legislative change in penalties requires a “discreet political management that has nothing to do with this call for all that has been achieved is to generate misunderstanding of the procedure, the form and the objectives with which it has supposedly been raised.” Finally, he defended that “what we should all do in a situation like this is to put ourselves in the place of the other and try not to disturb the coexistence”.

Meanwhile, sources from the Government of Spain indicate that the event organized by the delegate in Euskadi, Denis Itxaso, and the Memorial of Victims of Terrorism is being held and that it will be held at noon this Friday in Vitoria.