Tuesday, February 20

They walked more than 9 hours in escape in Chinese factory of iPhone | Digital Trends Spanish

Amid the strict confinement carried out by the Zhengzhou facilities of Foxconn in Chinawho are under a closed-loop COVID lockdown after an outbreak of the virus, a pair of local iPhone industry workers, escaped for more than 9 hours and walked more than 40 kilometers to get out of lockdown.

Bloomberg thus reported the story of Dong Wanwan and his brother, who left the factory amid strict COVID checks.

Foxconn’s 200,000-employee complex has enacted a dramatic “closed-loop” system to enforce China’s zero-COVID policy after a recent outbreak of the disease. Bloomberg reported that workers were initially not allowed to leave the facility, and fights have broken out after some workers were given a basic food supply of bread and instant noodles.

Dong Wanwan, 20, said she and her 19-year-old brother walked 25 miles home after the lockdown made their lives miserable. She had been working at the complex for three months helping put together iPhones.

Even reports indicate that Foxconn has more than tripled iPhone workers’ bonuses as it struggles to persuade them to keep working under extremely difficult conditions amid a COVID-19 outbreak inside its largest iPhone assembly plant.

For those who go further and agree to give up their license this month, the bonus could equate to a 1,000% increase, from 1,500 yuan ($200) to 15,000 yuan ($2,000).

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