Friday, September 17

They were few and Aguirre left

Pablo Casado was happy, rejoicing in the polls and preparing his first Councils of Ministers as if he were going to be Prime Minister tomorrow, and Ayuso is going to do it again. The PP boils again and maneuvers against its president. Ayuso, Álvarez de Toledo, Moreno Bonilla, Mañueco, Feijóo… They were few and Esperanza Aguirre arrived.

The president of the PP has been unruly by his partner and yet “friend”, the president of Madrid, who wants organic power and wants it now, without even waiting for the deadlines established by the national leadership. With that of winning elections and distributing millions from a budget of 21,000 million, he has believed himself infallible and has mounted a zapatiesta that has once again destabilized the leaders of Genoa Street.

In the national leadership they have resorted to all kinds of arguments with which to divert media attention from Ayuso: if he hasn’t played yet; that if Martínez Almeida will also be in the fray; that if a third way is the best formula to lead the party in Madrid; What if the “queen of the Sun” believed to give a new pulse to the very president of the party.

Ayuso is Ayuso and his circumstances, which are none other than the desire to add organic to institutional power to control the electoral lists and do and undo whatever he wants throughout the Madrid territory, as other barons do in hers and made Esperanza Aguirre in Madrid for decades. The result of so much dominance is called Gürtel, Púnica and Lezo and is still being investigated by the courts. And, not explicitly, but this is how the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, has recalled it after Aguirre joined the “ayusista” festival in favor of an advance of the regional congress and that the president of Madrid is also of the party at the regional level.

The former baroness of the PP, in an interview in El Mundo, has charged against the leadership of her party, whom she has branded as “niggas” and “chiquilicuatres”, which is the same as calling them chibi or paupers. “Putting internal obstacles on Ayuso is helping Sánchez,” he said with the will to equalize both, as if both competed in the same national league and as if Casado did not exist.

García Egea is irritated by both Aguirre and Álvarez de Toledo, who was the first to break last week a spear in favor of Ayuso’s organic leadership with the same contempt for the national leadership as that used by the former Madrid president, who had to resign as organic boss due to the systemic corruption that the organization accumulated during her years as a leader. In her public speeches Aguirre does not speak of that and neither of the unpublished Goya that she and her husband sold for five million euros without protecting it as an Asset of Cultural Interest to save taxes during her tenure as president. But the general secretary of the PP has reminded her of the “destruction” that the cases of corruption that affected her government did to the PP during the stage in which she presided over the party and the Community, as Ayuso and his acolytes now claim.

That the president of Madrid or those who rock her cradle aspire to contest the national leadership of Pablo Casado is as legitimate as it is recurrent in the regional culture of his party. Alberto Ruiz Gallardón tried it with Aznar; Aguirre with Mariano Rajoy and Cristina Cifuentes came to fantasize about the same thing before her false master’s degree and the video in which all of Spain could see her stealing two creams in a supermarket came to light.

Ayuso does nothing more than repeat the history of his party, but perhaps someone should remind him of the fate of his three predecessors in office. They all believed themselves above the national leadership, they all had a great concept of themselves; they all distributed millions in advertising to the “friendly” media; They all found themselves touching the podium on the seventh floor of Genova street and all, for different reasons, ended up out of politics and repudiated by all those who one day saw in them so many qualities to lead the party. Aguirre, more than any other.

An ordeal awaits Casado between now and the next elections. Because there are still two long years left and because theirs have started with too much time to prepare the ground for the day after. Ayuso wants organic control for that and nothing else.

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