Monday, June 5

They will create Workshop School for the conservation and restoration of the Historical Heritage of Colón

The Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning (Miviot) and the INational Institute of Vocational Training and Training for Human Development (Inadeh) coordinate the aspects and details for the creation of the Workshop School of Conservation and Restoration of the Historic Heritage of Colón.

For such purposes, the Deputy Minister of Territorial Planning, José Batista and the Director of Housing Improvement, Ricauter Bowen, held a meeting with the deputy director of Inadeh,Evangeline Batista, who was accompanied by the coordinators of the areas of Construction and Electromechanics, Eriberto Carrillo and Marta Carmichael, respectively.

During the first coordination meeting between the authorities of the Miviot and the Inadeh, important aspects were agreed upon and details about the curricular design and the form chosen for the creation of the Workshop School, which will have as its headquarters the historic Casa Wilcox, located in 9th Street and Central Avenue and Meléndez.

The initiative arises in compliance with the different technical cooperation agreements signed between both entities and that have the support of the Unesco and the collaboration of Directorate of Historical Heritage of the Ministry of Culture, the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects, the Chamber of Commerce of Colon and Icons of Panama (International Council on Monuments and Sites).

Vice Minister Batista stated that the intention is to achieve the foundations of the first vocational and professional institution that offers training to men and women in the special trades of masonry, carpentry, cabinetmaking, blacksmithing, plumbing, electricity, among others, to restore buildings, Spanish buildings, as well as constructions of the 20th century considered historical heritage.

The Workshop School will serve as training, research and multidisciplinary study in the applied arts and traditional trades in Panama and its philosophy will be Learning by doing, with a theoretical-practical teaching offer with specialized courses in restoration.

“Colonense youth and adults will be trained to learn the trades for the treatment of additives, elaboration and molding of pieces of the time and the forms and techniques to recover asbestos and restore the balconies, forms and architectural railings of the Wilcox House and the rest of the heritage buildings within the Old Town of Colón”, stressed Batista.

He concluded that the School workshop It will serve as a tool to guide young people who are interested in learning the restoration trades and in view of the pressing need in Colón to train future professionals who protect, recover, rescue, resume and preserve the historical heritage of Colón.

The Miviot agreed to include the Inadeh in the dialogue table and the work team for the rescue of the Casa Wilcox and the heritage of Colon Old Town, as well as carrying out other meetings and field visits for the creation of the Workshop School that will allocate labor to intervene and protect the historical heritage.

The first of the six stages of intervention and restoration of the property began with the cleaning and redesign.

The second phase includes the re-propping, inspection, quantification and lifting of the existing scaffolding and props on the site and the third phase the provisional enclosure and lifting of the existing spans and determining the main access to the Wilcox House for unloading materials.