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Things you can do in the Google search engine and maybe you did not know | Digital Trends Spanish

The Google search engine is much more than that “engine” that answers any question. It can also be the direct access to a host of useful tools, from a calculator to solve operations to a tuner so that each string of your guitar emits the note it should.

We will tell you more about it in the following list, which will be updated later with the intention of taking you to a new level in the popular search engine.

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Things you can do in the Google search engine

Tune your guitar

You no longer need an external application so that each string of your guitar emits the note it should. All you have to do is put Google tuner in the finder for the purpose of a tuner being displayed. If you want to use it, you must allow access to the microphone of your computer or mobile device.

Access a calculator

Google calculator

Just looking for the word calculator Google will display one for you to solve from simple operations to more complex ones. And to quickly have the result of multiplying 350 x 50, for example, you can type the operation in the search bar.

Find a nearby place to eat

How to find nearby places to eat on Google

Craved a good slice of pizza? To find a place, all you have to look for is: Pizzerias near me. And in order to have a complete panorama, that is, all the nearby places of the type, click on the Google Maps map that is displayed. Your search changes according to the craving you have.

Define words

How to Google Word Definitions

It happens that you are reading a relevant article, but you come across a word whose meaning you do not know. In order not to be distracted, all you have to do is put in the search engine a define and then the term that interests you. Something like that: Define sloppy. The meaning will be displayed once you press Enter.

Know the time in other cities

How to know the time of other cities in Google

Believe us, at some point you will need to know what time it is in another city in the world, and how could it be otherwise, the Google search engine has the solution. What you should put is: New York Time or Madrid time (change the name of the city that interests you), and you will have the result.

Know currency equivalence

How to convert currencies on Google

Especially when a technology product is launched, its prices are given in dollars. To know the equivalence of $ 1,000 dollars to Mexican pesos, you must put something like this: 1000 dollars to Mexican pesos. This is just an example, the combinations can be as diverse as the coins.

Throw a coin

How to flip on Google

Yes, as simple as that. The Google search engine lets you launch a virtual currency —or throw a flip, as they say in Mexico— just by typing the phrase Flip a coin, for those moments when you want to decide something important and do not have a coin in your pocket.

Popular games

How to play three in a row on Google

From Lonely until Pac-man. The Google search engine allows you to access multiple titles just by entering the correct term. In addition to the two mentioned, you could access the popular Snake and Minesweeper. You can also have a game of three in a row with the machine.

Translate phrases

Translate phrases directly in the Google search engine

Google has a translator that can get everyone out of trouble, but it is also possible to translate phrases directly in the search engine, for which you would have to put a construction like the following: Translate “I’m fine, don’t worry” in French.

Know sports results

How to know sports results on Google

Didn’t you see the last match of your favorite team? Google brings you up to date. Let’s take a case: to know the result of the last game played by the two most popular soccer teams in Spain, it is necessary to put the following construction in the search engine: Barcelona vs. Real Madrid. In addition to the number of goals, you will also have other data.

Know the stock price of a company

How to know the stock price of a company on Google

Google has been in charge of organizing and making practically any information accessible, and to know the stock price of a company, for example, you must place the ticker that corresponds to it (Google’s is GOOG, while Apple’s, AAPL) in the search engine.

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