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Third dose?

For the first day back to work there is a lot of ceremony, a lot to tell, but then the second comes and what. Courage, they have told me that in December there is a bridge and there is less left. Good Morning!

Economic injection

The Government wants to take advantage of the lack of definition of the principles of the course to direct the debate towards the economic recovery that should come after the coronavirus crisis in order to give an image of proactivity that alleviates the pressure due to the uncontrolled rise in electricity prices (today , fourth consecutive historical record).

  • First of all, the SMI. Pedro Sánchez wants to “immediately” unfreeze the increase in the minimum wage planned for this year. We are talking about between 12 and 19 euros more per month to place it at a maximum of 969 euros per month. For the following year, the plan is for the figure to reach 1,000 euros. Unions and employers have not given their approval yet.
  • In parallel, Budget negotiations begin by 2022. The process will test the strength of the coalition government after the departure of Pablo Iglesias and several ministers of the PSOE, and will also serve to see how the environment is with ERC.

Returning for a moment to the price of light, this report which explains how Spain is one of the countries where energy is most expensive and where it has risen the most in the last year.

A paradox: we have expensive energy but we are not one of those who spend the most. The Mediterranean winter saves us from the fatal combo. More data and charts.

Injecting the other

There was some confusion yesterday about the third dose. Has the Government approved the administration of a third dose of the vaccine for especially vulnerable people? Short answer: no. Slightly shorter answer: not yet. Long answer: it looks like next week, yes. Experts have recommended an additional dose for immunosuppressed, but they say it is not urgent for the general population.

Incidence. We continue to decline, although if you stop to think about the daily death toll that is still being reported … Only yesterday, 132 people. By returning to the positive, it is confirmed that we have already reached the figure of 70% of the population vaccinated, eight months after Araceli Hidalgo put her arm.

The rufinos of Spain

This man in the photo is Rufino Juárez and he died yesterday in León. He died without finding the remains of his father, one of the 71 assassinated by the Franco regime in his town. The exhumation was scheduled for this summer but the usual political mess delayed it. Spain is full of ruffians who are running out of time. Today Olga Rodríguez tells her story.


Do not pass

  • Appointments. Well, maybe the names of Héctor Gómez and Eva Granados are not familiar to you. From now on they will sound like something else to you because they are the new PSOE spokespersons in Congress and the Senate. Here their profiles.
  • The Lord of the war. Erik Prince has been taking advantage of the US military privatization for decades, which subcontracts its Blackwaters mercenaries in destinations like Afghanistan. Now he is looking to diversify his business: if you pay 5,500 euros, he assures you a safe evacuation from Kabul. Here his story.


In today’s chapter

  • It has been circulating for a few days on social networks and on WhatsApp a video with foreboding moments from the series Homeland on Afghanistan: “If we withdraw our troops, Kabul will fall in 6 weeks,” says the character played by Mandy Patinkin in season 8, released a year and a half ago. The waste of Western money also appears in phantom projects justified with false invoices and dialogues about the political failure of the United States in the country. “Homeland is not based on real events, it advances them”, they say in Atalayar.
  • Another series that mixes with reality is The Good Fight, a fiction about lawyers with very political content, without complexes against the new pro-Trump right and that gets into all the legal puddles that arise from current controversies. What a shame that the pandemic has interrupted the production of the series, used to having scripts that are very close to the present, because precisely the challenges posed by the pandemic and the fall of Trump have been lost. They have released this summer the new season and they try to reopen some melons. And Patinkin also comes out.
  • Tomorrow the fifth and final season of The Money Heist, the series that started out of the blue and ended up revolutionizing half the world. In Vertele they review where we stayed in season 4. The head of script for the series is a very lucid man named Javier Gómez Santander. We have already quoted you here sometime. A few days ago I was reflecting with class consciousness on its success: “When I send a script to Los Angeles, public education sends it to them, my family sends it to them.”

With this you already have to start the day. Beware of the rains.

Tomorrow we read again if you want.

A hug,


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