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Third sentence of the Supreme Court for fraud against the lawyer who denounced the Government for the 8M

Víctor Valladares, the imprisoned lawyer who in 2020 denounced the Government for allowing the feminist demonstration on March 8 at the gates of the state of alarm, has just received his third firm prison sentence by the Supreme Court. The judges of the criminal court have endorsed the two years in prison that the Madrid courts imposed on him for defrauding the owner of a nightclub in the capital who wanted to sue Spanish Television for a report on the noise of his premises. This sentence, now confirmed, was imposed on March 11, 2020, two weeks before taking the central executive to court for 8-M.

Convicted for ripping off his mother-in-law the lawyer who denounced the feminist 8M

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As in other cases related to the scams of this lawyer, the affected person came to Valladares through acquaintances and decided to hire his services as a lawyer. Owner of the Events and Hostelry Initiatives company, he intended to take RTVE to court for a report on noise in bars broadcast on the program ‘El Teleobjetivo’. One of the first places that appeared in the report, among neighbors complaints, it was his disco ‘Bucca’on Juan Ramón Jiménez street in the Chamartín district.

Valladares promised to take his lawsuit and brought to his desk all kinds of documents about a judicial process that had not even been opened. A copy of the lawsuit, a copy of the conciliation act prior to the filing of the complaint and even a false agreement in which he had managed to get RTVE to agree to compensate the businessman with almost 200,000 euros and proof of the transfer.

Those documents did not correspond to any open judicial process but they did serve for Valladares, according to the Justice, to keep 2,095 euros from his client. A money that the hotelier paid to pay for the services of a supposed attorney who did not exist and that ended up in the pocket of the scammer.

The judges of the criminal court confirm this sentence of two years in prison, the third firm that comes out of the Supreme Court to the criminal record of Valladares. The facts that are declared proven, says the Supreme, “reflect a misleading action that determined a patrimonial displacement in favor of the appellant”, a total of 2,095 euros. He made the affected person believe that he “had taken the actions corresponding to the matter that had been entrusted to him” when it was a lie, causing him “obvious damage”.

Víctor Valladares, as explained by, recently entered the Soto del Real prison in Madrid. An incarceration that comes as he faces further proceedings for defrauding clients and after being convicted and punished half a dozen times.

This conviction, which is now confirmed by the Supreme Court, came on March 11, 2020, two weeks before Valladares publicized the complaint he had filed against the Government both in the Madrid courts and in the Supreme Court. A complaint that accused the administration of having allowed the massive feminist demonstrations on March 8, 2020 – three days before her sentence – despite already knowing then the risk that these large gatherings posed in terms of the spread of COVID.

A few days later, the lawyer publicized his complaint, as well as the creation of an association of People Affected by the Management of the Coronavirus, which was never heard from again, hiding that he had just been convicted of defrauding clients by charging for services he did not provide. while boasting the support of thousands of people. The cause of 8M ended up being filed without Valladares managing to appear in person at the proceedings.

This conviction for defrauding a client is the third sentence declared final by the Supreme Court and its criminal chamber for this Galician lawyer. One for keeping 13,000 euros from a woman who entrusted him with various legal actions that he never started, and another for falsifying documents and deceiving a couple affected by floor clauses. He has other sentences that have not yet been declared firm. One, for example, for defrauding his own mother-in-law.

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