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Thirteen former students of the Col legi de Teatre de Barcelona denounce abusive practices

A group of alumni of the Col legi de Teatre Barcelona has denounced abusive practices by 8 teachers for 15 years, as published by the newspaper Ara. The newspaper affirms that two years ago it had knowledge of some of the cases, that this Tuesday they were transferred to the management of the center. In an instance presented at the school, located in Poble Espanyol, the former students report the alleged abuses of eight teachers, but according to the newspaper, the repeated abuses of one of them are emphasized.

The Prosecutor’s Office investigates a professor at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona for sexual harassment

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The published information indicates that the most prominent teacher, then 45 years old, had relationships with several female students between the ages of 18 and 20, whom he harassed and abused. The newspaper affirms that the subject was known within the cloister and is identified as an actor and director whose initials are TS

In addition, one of the testimonies relates a situation of harassment after refusing to maintain a relationship with this teacher. Another explains that the man abused a student who had drunk. A third explains that the teacher sent her messages to stay, after having told the other students that he was in love with her. Some of these students dropped out of school.

Other students, he adds the same information, relate situations of constant sexual jokes by other teachers, or of situations in which they were asked to undress with the argument of breaking taboos. Other teachers caressed and massaged in and out of the classroom, according to witnesses. Some of them also claim that they had reported these situations to the management of the center.

However, the school has only confirmed that it has received the request and that it will initiate an investigation. Thus, the directors of the center affirm that they were not aware of the reported cases.

The teacher who is mainly accused admits that he flirted with some of the students at the end-of-year parties, when they were already alumni, and also, that on some occasion he got to kiss one of them, but assures that he did not never did with the intention of having sexual intercourse.

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