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Thirteen restaurants where steak tartare is the house specialty

The steak tartare is a simple dish to make, although it is so meticulous that the balance in the quantities of the ingredients that compose it is essential for its success in its preparation.

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So that you can try it at home, we bring you a recipe whose ingredients are common to all the preparations of steak tartare that exist, although, as you will see by reading this article, the chefs of each restaurant adapt them to their tastes and culinary techniques so that each steak tartare of the following restaurants, no matter how similar the recipe, taste different from others.

Steak tartare base recipe Factory, in Burgos. Briviesca Street, 4.

  • Put 20 g of egg yolk in a bowl and finely add 20 ml of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) beating vigorously.
  • Add 15 g of onion, 15 g of gherkins and 3 g of capers, all finely chopped and stirring constantly.
  • Incorporate 180 g of beef tenderloin meat, you can chop it yourself with a knife or ask them to do it at the butcher’s, but always with a knife, never in a mincer. Also add 3 g of grain mustard, 2 g of salt, 1 g of black pepper, 6 g of Perrins sauce and 1 g of Tabasco. Mix everything well.
  • Season with salt and pepper.
  • Serve very cold and accompany with crispy toast.

The restaurants where you can try the best steak tartare

In Madrid

In Tavern and Media They are convinced that there are dishes that should not be played with, that is why they make the steak tartare as in the old days. They prepare it on a bowl with ice: they mount the egg yolk with olive oil, salt and pepper and once assembled, they add old mustard, perrins sauce and a few drops of tabasco, as well as the other ingredients common to traditional steak tartare. .

So that everything is to the customer’s liking, before plating they offer a test to serve it accompanied by a potato wafer and some chili, tomato and oregano grisini when the customer gives them the go-ahead. Calle Lope de Rueda, 30.

In Barcelona

To whet your appetite, you can have one of the tartars as an appetizer. succulentalthough the true love of meat lovers is the ‘Steak Tartar’, the star dish of chef Toni Romero that has been on the menu for six years now.

It is a warm steak tartare over grilled marrow previously bled in ice water for 48-72 hours and accompanied by soufflé fries. Rambla del Raval, 45.

In Vinals 1906 They have been in the meat sector for 116 years, so you can already imagine the quality of their steak tartare. And if we tell you that they are characterized by caring for their cattle, feeding them only with the best pastures, you can already imagine the texture and flavor of their beef.

In addition, you can buy these and other meats in one of their stores, to make your own recipe for steak tartar but in the Viñals style. Avinguda Diagonal, 557.

In Zaragoza

the of palomeque It is a classic because it maintains the balance between its ingredients, of which the anchovy gives it a distinctive touch. Here they exchange the classic Armagnac brandy for a Calvados brandy or even a generous one. They choose the liquor according to the diner’s taste, just as they do with the amount of spiciness of Tabasco or mustard. Agustin Palomeque Street, 11.

The chalet They also prepare the steak tartare in front of you and they let you taste it so you can decide if you want it more or less spicy. You can see with your own eyes how they cut the beef tenderloin and how they prepare the mincemeat that goes with it, with a different flavor due to ingredients such as spiced tomato, Calvados and others from a recipe that only its chef, Ángel Conde, knows. . Santa Teresa de Jesus Street, 25.

In Galicia

What characterizes tartare A trough from Moza Crecha It is the same for what it is a restaurant of the Mariñas Coruñesas and Tierras de Mandeo Biosphere Reserve: the commitment to local products.

The meat used in the steak tartare is a Galician blonde cut in the middle; turnip top mustard, from a Galician producer; the egg yolk, from the native Gallina de Mos breed; a fermented sriracha sauce made from Padrón peppers; and the onion is a Miño flat, a native variety typical of the reserve with a not very strong flavor. Alfolí Street, 7, Betanzos, A Corunha.

In Andalucia

If you want to try the steak tartar of Motel Particulier, you will enjoy the french fries and the Franco Franceschini toasties. The beef tenderloin meat is prepared by cutting brunoiseso delicate that the cubes of meat measure between one and two mm on each side, just like the banana shallots that they add. C. Gabriel Celaya, 6, Marbella, Malaga.

The 180 g of pleasure from Arsenio Manilla They are carried out by selecting the tastiest meat, which is marinated at the moment with pickles, capers, mustard, Perrins sauce, a touch of Tabasco and another of Amontillado and a dry local wine, all accompanied with carasau bread, which it gives a fine touch as well as a crunch. Paseo Maritimo, 12, Cadiz.

in the Balearic Islands

The presentation of the steak tartare The Merchants It is as exquisite as the grilled marrow fat that supports it, one of the gastronomic trends of recent years. Carrer dels Apuntadors, 15, Palma, inside the Palacio Can Marques.

The steak tartar that you can taste in The Wine Side It is crazy in which quality products are a plus: hand-cut prime beef fillet, four different types of seasonal mushrooms, old-fashioned mustard, charlotte onion, pickled cucumber, foie gras, truffle mayonnaise , organic egg yolk and a touch of parsley. Calle Mariners, 3, Port d’Alcúdia, Palma.

The original tartare Natalie’s House is the physical proof that you can eat a tomato tartare thinking it’s meat. They prepare it in the same way and with the same dressing as the steak tartare, in order to achieve an identical appearance, flavor and texture.

Chop the meat of the tomato in court concassé and let the tomato water drain for eight hours in the cold. Then, they mix it with a traditional mincemeat and a yolk dressing with oil, salt and black pepper with a mayonnaise texture, serve it on crispy toast and voila! Carrer Major, 78, Sant Ferran de Ses Roques, Formentera.

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