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Thirteen very Spanish sandwiches that some chefs now call ‘Iberian street food’

Even today, there are some mythical sandwich shops that continue to make those very tasty sandwiches, from when we didn’t count calories. However, adapting to current tastes, bars throughout Spain have modernized them and created new mixtures of ingredients with breads such as bao or sourdough.

But the most curious thing is that, with the pandemic, some cooks began to send sandwiches to their homes, such as Javier Arandathe chef who has obtained the Michelin star at the youngest age and has reinterpreted the squid sandwich, even makes a kokotxas al pil pil croissant.

the most classic

Calamari sandwich: in Madrid, where they celebrate until squid sandwich route and you must try the ones from The brilliant, in front of the Atocha station since 1961, they usually give the mayonnaise separately. Contrary to Zaragoza, where we have the squid sandwiches with mayonnaise plus the real hot sauce from The brave squid or The Mussel Farm. In the Basque Country, ask for a squid sandwich.

Potato omelette sandwich: Who hasn’t eaten one of these at recess between classes or at work? Warm and undone with onion (or without onion) it is already enough to seize any type of bread, as you will see in Juantxo Tavern, one of the juiciest tortillas in Donosti. But if it is dry or not so chewy, it always goes better with mayonnaise, salmorejo or grated tomato.

Mixed ham and cheese: or what has been the classic toasted bikini with sliced ​​bread spread in butter that they put in the nightclub of the same name on Barcelona’s Diagonal, back in the 50s. And from there the name spread to the rest of Spain, although really its origins appear to be American. It has become so popular that April 12 celebrates its international day. The Dot Coffee from Madrid has become very popular for the perfection of her bikini.

on the same line

Veal nugget with pepper: Probably, we have gone from the normal loaf of bread to the baguette or the flea to eat this typical sandwich of strip of loin with fried pepper, but it is still a classic that embroiders in the sandwich shop The Scoundrel Porron, among others mentioned here. He is famous for The esparto womenin the province of Toledo.

Serranito: similar to the previous one, but with a pork loin fillet with peppers and, optionally, tomato slices, which cannot be missing a few slices of serrano ham, which, when melted, unfolds all the flavor of its fat through the mixture. Don’t miss out on mint barIn sevilla.

Camper: It is a Malaga classic that was invented in a hamburger restaurant in 1977 and later became popular throughout the province and even Campo de Gibraltar. The bread is round and flattened, a “campero” bread, and its original ingredients are lettuce, tomato, cooked ham, cheese and mayonnaise.

Although now you can try it with an eclecticism of delicious ingredients, for example, in The Cantarrana grocery store, of goat with a spicy and unctuous sauce that comes out everywhere; or with pastrami, a delight.

for our shores

Pa amb tomàquet with ham or fuet: you can eat loose slices, preferably with pan de cristal or with a good muffin; but the important thing is to spread the two parts with tomato, either with the piece itself cut in half or crushed, water it with good oil and salt. Rubbing garlic is optional. try on The Xampanyeria or in The Poble Sec Winerywhere they even fill them with meatballs, both in Barcelona.

black and white: is the sandwich that includes the esmorzaret, the hearty Valencian lunch: longaniza and black pudding with a green pepper inside the bread open in the center and toasted on both sides. Look for it among the sandwiches the pergolain Valencia, which have a very good reputation.

Longuet: is a typical bread roll from Palma de Mallorca that has up to Llonguet Fair in his honor. The key is that it is filled with the ingredients that the diner wants, so imagine how many variations are being made now with the creativity of the chefs to the fullest. try those of It’s Vaixeland see if they put it with sobrasada with mahón cheese and/or with sweet ham, which is a very common toast in the Balearic Islands and, in the Fidel’s Bar of Barcelona, ​​have been called a sandwich Trillorquin.

Sandwich with lardFood: it can be pork loin or daggerfish or tuna, shredded or in pieces inserted in the “colorá butter”, which is so called because it contains spices and allows for better racking. Search in the white villages of the Serranía de Cádiz and in roadside sales in the province such as The Boat of Vejer.

In the north there is substance

Grilled sandwich: We could separate the jowl, churrasco or chistorra or Creole chorizo ​​sandwich so typical of the grills that are made in the towns in much of the peninsula, but why, if the style is the same, that of the barbecues with friends or family in the garden or pool. In Vermuteria Pulpería Kantxa from Pamplona you can find a few, including the next one on this list.

Pork shoulder with tetilla cheese: in Galicia you can eat a sandwich with these ingredients almost by overwhelming logic due to the combination of local products, but in the Melo’s from Madrid have turned it into a myth with that loaf bread in which the cheese melts taking over the shoulder like a waterfall.

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