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This 90’s Super Mario 64 tutorial was made with dioramas | Digital Trends Spanish

In the distant nineties, access to the internet and its content were very limited. Just as scarce were the tutorials, so necessary when a video game resisted. However, some creative fans were racking their brains to create cool analog guides, like the dioramas of Super Mario 64 which have just been published on the Internet Archive.

The “complete and clear guide” in digital format of the Nintendo 64 bestseller was shared by Dave Shevlin of Comfort Food Video Games. The value is not only in the document from 25 years ago, but in the models that appear photographed in its 152 pages, which recreated the various scenarios of the product that appeared in mid-1996.

NEW SCAN: Super Mario 64 Complete Clear Guide Book

Here it is! The infamous Mario 64 guide with the incredible 3d sculpture landscape scenes!! Finally I can bring this to the internet to enjoy with my 600 DPI scans!

— Comfort Food Video Games (@ComfortFoodVG) March 14, 2022

As reported by Polygon, the Japanese-language book includes “gorgeous hand-made dioramas,” which “were created specifically for this guide, as seeing the 3D levels in a 2D space helps players visualize what they need to do.” to overcome them.”

Super Mario 64 It was the flagship video game for Nintendo’s fifth-generation console, a contemporary of the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. It was the most popular US title of 1996, selling over two million copies within 90 days of its debut.

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