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This body implant for Alzheimer’s kills you if you forget to deactivate it | Digital Trends Spanish

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Dr. Philip Nitschke, creator of Sarco, a machine designed for assisted suicide, plans an even more controversial device.

According to an interview with the British media The Independent, Nitschke plans to create a body implant capable of killing its wearer if they forget to deactivate it. The doctor explains that the device is intended for people with degenerative brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

The implant would require the user to deactivate it on a daily basis, and if the user forgot it, it would chirp for a day or two to alert them. In the event that the user did not react (which according to Nitschke would be a sign that the disease has advanced so far that the person would want to end his life), the implant would end his life.

Philip Nitschke, creator of Sarco and advocate for euthanasia.

“In some places, when a person suffers from dementia, but is still in their right mind, they are allowed to sign a legal document authorizing that, if such a thing happens to them, they should end their life. Years later a doctor can read that paper and legally give him an injection to end his suffering ”. According to the doctor, this implant would give greater responsibility to the user himself to fulfill what he asked at the time, which is “not to continue living like a vegetable.”

The doctor has not given more details about the operation of the device, as this is still a concept in which a team of specialists from his organization is working. It has not even been determined what substance would be used to kill those who decide to have it implanted in their brain.

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