Friday, September 24

This bridesmaid attended a hologram wedding | Digital Trends Spanish

The COVID-19 pandemic has hindered the plans of many people, including those who were planning to travel or attend events of various kinds, such as ceremonies and concerts.

That is the case of Sarah Redington, a London bridesmaid who was invited to the wedding of her best friend, Brittany Smith, in Canada.

Due to security protocols, Sarah was unable to travel to the event. However, he wanted to be present in some way at the wedding. So what he did was give his speech in the form of a hologram. Yes, like Princess Leia in Star Wars.

In this way, the maid of honor wore an outfit according to the situation, held a glass of champagne and began to broadcast live from London.

With the incredibly realistic projection, Sarah was able to deliver the congratulations message to her newlywed friends and then “disappeared” with a flash of light, as if she had been teleported.

After confirming that Sarah could not physically attend the wedding, Brittany’s boyfriend, Jeffrey Gallant, wanted to surprise his wife at the wedding party.

“I don’t know how we came up with the idea for a hologram, but many of us know that this technology exists,” Gallant told New York Times.

To realize the idea, they searched the internet for a company with studios in both Toronto and London, and that’s how they came up with ARHT Media, a company that is responsible for broadcasting presenters and celebrities at events.

Via the internet and with a green screen, the company sent Sarah to Toronto in the form of a hologram. The bridesmaid was able to make the toast, which had been prerecorded, and then I can have a video call with her best friend.

ARHT Media can project people to one or several places at the same time “from anywhere, to any part of the world through the internet”.

“You capture people in one part of the world and project them to anywhere else in the world where they can have two-way interactions in real time with very little latency,” Larry O’Reilly, CEO of ARHT Media, told CBC (via Daily Mail).

Previously, the company screened physicist Stephen Hawking in front of an audience in Hong Kong, who discussed his career and answered questions about the possibility of life on other planets at that time.

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