Friday, December 9

This connected ring monitors constants with an ambitious goal in mind: detect chronic diseases early

After smartwatches, come the “smart rings”. The ‘Movano Ring’ is presented in the framework of CES 2022 with the idea of ​​competing against the ‘Oura Ring’, the only connected ring that was so far commercially available. We are facing a ring with a minimalist design that hides a whole series of sensors to connect with the mobile.

Like a watch connected to wear, the Movano ring detects heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), sleep, respiration, temperature, blood oxygen level, steps or calories. However, instead of betting on becoming a monitor of our activity, the data that this ring monitors will be sent to the application to try to find patterns between them in the long run.

The medical validity of these devices has yet to be approved.

Movano aspires to have your attached ring also monitor glucose and blood pressure and is conducting clinical trials to collect more data using radio frequency. However, all these uses must be approved by the FDA (‘Food and Drug Administration’, equivalent to the European Medicines Agency in the US).

The ring can be used by anyone, although from Movano they explain that it is specially designed for women. As with other fitness and health devices, the Ring data can be viewed through a dedicated mobile application.

App Movano

One of the objectives of Movano is to fight against Oura and hence they propose a cheaper starting price. While the current benchmark for connected rings starts at 300 euros, this Movano will be cheaper according to its creators. On the contrary, Movano raises a subscription service which could be above the 6 dollars a month that the cost of Oura.

What's the use of the 300-euro ring worn by millionaires like Will Smith or Larry Page, co-founder of Google

Chronic disease prediction aims to be the company’s long-term goal. At the moment, according to the screenshots of the application, it is still a visually appealing analysis combining various factors, like sleep and exercise.

As described by The Verge Dr. John Mastrototaro, CEO of Movano, the goal is for this ring to achieve the future Class II classification and that they take medical regulation very seriously.

The downside to this interesting wearable is that the Movano ring will not be available until the second half of 2022. Too many months of waiting for a device that at the moment is more promise than reality, but which exemplifies well what the devices of this new category of connected rings are trying to achieve.

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