Tuesday, January 18

This delivery robot makes deliveries at the Cincinnati airport | Digital Trends Spanish

If for some reason your trip makes a stop or is destined for the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport, it is likely that in the waiting rooms you will see a cart with lights and a rather remarkable screen in front of you. It is a delivery robot that could prevent you from walking long corridors to buy an item.

The robot in question is called Ottobot and is manufactured by the Ottonomy company. According to the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport, is the first food, drink and souvenir delivery robot that works in an airport. We’ve heard of these robots before, so Ottonomy is probably not the first of its kind, but it is the first at the Cincinnati airport.

Ottonomy works in a relatively simple way: from your phone you enter a page where you order your purchase, pay and receive a QR code; shortly, Ottobot will arrive at your waiting place, scan the code and you will receive your product. The idea is, basically, to make your life easier, and to prevent you from walking through long corridors.

The Cincinnati airport also stresses that the Ottobot implementation took place during the 2021 Christmas season, just when cases of the omicron variant of coronavirus are on the rise and authorities seek to avoid further infections at all costs. In this sense, the airport highlights that Ottobot allows deliveries without human contact.

Delivery robots may not change the lives of the vast majority of passengers, but they will ultimately make shopping easier for people with mobility difficulties.

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