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This diving suit protects against shark attacks | Digital Trends Spanish

Shark attacks are one of the main threats faced by those who dive into the depths of the oceans.

For this reason, a group of researchers from Flinders University in Australia developed a diving suit that is capable of resisting the bite of a white shark.

The clothing is called Shark Stop Wetsuit and for now it is part of a Kickstarter campaign to be developed commercially.

The image shows a diving suit that resists shark bites.


The fabric that makes up this suit is a new type of high molecular weight polyethylene nanofiber.

According to its creators, this suit has a 50 percent higher strength-to-weight ratio than Kevlar, the material used for bulletproof vests, and is between 8 and 15 times stronger than steel.

Beneath this layer is organic neoprene of varying thickness; this will depend on whether it is its version for surfing or diving (thicker and resistant to low temperatures).


The researchers explain that the suit is not impenetrable, but the fabric technology prevents the shark’s teeth from tearing apart its victim.

According to scientists, this could make a significant difference in allowing a person attacked by a shark to survive.

There is still about a month to go before the Shark Stop Wetsuit ends its funding campaign on Kickstarter.

According to figures from the International Shark Attack File (ISAF), last year 173 interactions between sharks and humans were recorded globally, and 73 people were bitten by sharks.

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