Friday, September 24

This flexible screen from LG is tough as glass | Digital Trends Spanish

Flip phones have long been a reality. However, the flexible displays they incorporate still have a lot of room for improvement. The Korean manufacturer LG could have the solution to some of the resistance problems presented by this type of panel, as it claims to have developed a new material that can create screens with “a surface as hard as glass and folding parts as flexible as plastic. ”.

The material, called Real Folding Window, it could pave the way for the advent of truly durable displays and bypass the current plastic panels with protectors that, like it or not, wrinkle with use. LG says that this new technology also allows the screen to be folded in and out, so it could also make way for new folding phone formats.

It will begin to be sold in 2023 and it already has the interest of “several clients”

At the moment the manufacturer does not provide much technical information on how this material works. In his statement he hardly mentions that he uses a polyester material called PET that will be used to coat each side of the glass in order to maximize flexibility. In addition, it indicates that it is thinner than the tempered glass used today to protect the screens and that despite having the same thickness and hardness as these, it is not as prone to cracking.

LG, which recently stopped making its own mobile phones, says it plans to launch the product for mobile phone makers in 2023, with tablet and laptop makers to receive it shortly thereafter. The company says that several clients are interested in this material, but at the moment it has not given names.

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