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This free guide helps you design your own Bitcoin app

Key facts:
  • The guide is completely free with modern and minimalist designs.

  • The designs are oriented for Android, however, there is a variant with designs for iOS.

A new design guide aims to make life easier for programmers specifically in the realm of application design for Bitcoin (BTC). This is a free, open source license for your personal and commercial use.

The guide was presented at the web Bitcoin UI Kit at the end of last month. Inside the portal, those interested have screenshots of the different sections that could have a bitcoin app, such as wallets, in which the backups of the recovery seed, sending funds, among others, are illustrated.

The design kit is hosted on the Figma website, which is used to upload and download patterns of designs shared by the community, whether in the field of web and mobile development, among others. To download it, those interested should only create a duplicate of the kit from Figma, and they can immediately start using it.

The web separates by category the different screens that a user should see when using an app in bitcoin. Source: Bitcoin UI kit.

This kit was developed within the scope of what is known as the Bitcoin Design Guide, as highlighted by the Bitcoin UI Kit portal. It offers a much more complete modeling of how to develop and design a product within Bitcoin. The objective of this website is to create a design standard within the bitcoin ecosystem, according to its own website.

Currently the kit is only oriented to Android design patterns. However, the website itself indicates that there is an implementation, since it is an open source guide, directed for iOS known as WalletUI.

The importance of design in the application

In the world of programming, what is known as GUI or graphical user interface has been a revolution in terms of adoption. The first computers, as was the case with the Altair 8800, Bill Gates himself was involved in the development of his operating systemThey didn’t even have a monitor, it was just a box with transistors and some LEDs, which served as a pseudo user interface.

The next step was to create a command line, in which, through peripherals, in this case a keyboard, certain commands could be entered. While it was a breakthrough, it also limited that anyone without technical knowledge could not use a PC.

Apple’s Machintosh, with the iconic graphical interface. Source: Wikipedia.

With the advent of GUIs, which Apple pioneered in developing a fully user-friendly graphical interface, the concept of the personal computer was redefined.

This whole story comes to Bitcoin, the first bitcoin wallets were just a command line, in which only users with high technical knowledge could send and receive BTC. Something so natural and simple today.

Difference between the Bitcoin core command line wallet and the GUI. Source: Wikepedia.

Difference between the Bitcoin core command line wallet and the GUI. Source: Wikepedia.

Creating a good interface can even define the success of the app. Applications such as the Tor web browser, which are often linked to hackers, have reshaped their image in order to give a better visual impression of those who use them. That is why design has become of utmost importance in the creation of any app.


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