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This giant drone was used to bring drugs to Spain | Digital Trends Spanish

Drones have long ceased to be devices that were used as toys by aviation enthusiasts and began to be used successfully in various fields.

Thanks to their versatility, these unmanned aircraft are used to explore difficult-to-reach terrain, help rescue people, take impressive aerial shots and move various products.

Also to carry drugs from one place to another. At least that is what the Police of Spain indicates, which seized a large drone that was used by drug traffickers to illegally transfer these substances from Morocco to Andalusia.

Police of Spain.

It is a drone almost 4.5 meters long and 26 kilos. According to the national police, it is the largest drone that has been seized in that country.

The device is a Mugin 4450, which can carry a load of up to 25 kg according to its technical specifications, although the police authorities indicated that drug traffickers used it to carry 150 kg loads.

Beware of the dimensions of this drone seized by the @police in Malaga and which was used to transport drugs from Morocco to the Iberian Peninsula, 5 meters wide and a flight autonomy of 7 hours.

& mdash; Enrique Rodríguez (@rodriguezcoello) July 13, 2021

The drone has a flight range of seven hours and reaches a cruising speed of 120 km / h. The organization that used it was of French origin, according to the authorities.

It was also mentioned that the drug gang had extensive knowledge about the operation of the device and were aware of what it needed to carry out the operation successfully.

Thus, and according to the manufacturer, the drone needs a 60-meter runway for take-off and an 85-meter runway for landing. Meanwhile, the tank is filled with 27 liters of gasoline.

Of course, it was used in sectors far from the towns and the police force. However, the drone, which from a distance looks like a plane, was detected and the entire operation was dismantled.

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