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This happens when 15 buildings collapse at the same time | Digital Trends Spanish

When controlled and well planned, building collapses are always an event that everyone wants to watch.

Therefore, the simultaneous collapse of 15 buildings in China attracted the attention of the media and the general public.

It happened in the city of Kunming, which witnessed fifteen skyscrapers ending on the ground amidst powerful roars and an impressive cloud of dust.

The disgraced one was a major residential complex whose construction began in 2011. However, the company in charge went bankrupt two years later, so the project could never be completed.

Due to this, the local authorities decided that the complex had to be demolished, so that the place would be occupied by other buildings.

Preparations for the landslides spanned several days and included evicting people living near the sector and flooding the foundations of the structures with rainwater.

The explosion itself lasted only a few seconds, but was not entirely successful, as one particular building did not end up on the ground.

This is the moment 15 unfinished buildings were demolished at the same time in southwestern China. The impressive video was filmed in the city of Kunming in Yunnan Province on August 27 [read more:]

& mdash; Massimo (@ Rainmaker1973) August 29, 2021

At least the collapse left several records showing how impressive it was. In fact, the event could be seen from different parts of the city and local reports indicate that the noise could be heard at a great distance from the sector where the controlled explosions were caused.

#China 15 unfinished skyscrapers were blown up in #Kunming. The construction of the buildings, which began in 2011, did not continue because the construction company ran out of money in 2013. Few stories for those who make a mistake

& mdash; Donato Yaakov Secchi (@doyaksec) August 27, 2021

China has experience in this matter, since in 2017 it collapsed 36 buildings at the same time in a controlled operation that lasted just 20 seconds.

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