Tuesday, September 28

This has been the first days of the Taliban in Afghanistan



The new government established by the Taliban in Afghanistan is starting to cause problems in respect of the human rights. This is indicated by a report from the UN Human Rights Council, which claimed to have evidence of executions, restrictions on women’s rights, recruitment of child soldiers and repression of freedom of expression.

Above all, the people who have been most affected by the arrival of the Taliban have been the children and women, “A red line” that cannot be crossed for the United Nations.

In addition to these groups, others have been pointed out that may also be affected, such as the ethnic and religious minorities, journalists and political leaders.

The Taliban promise but do not convince

The Taliban spokesman Zabihula Mujahid He denied that repressions were being carried out against the population. He said that “we had to forget the past”, as well as repeat the “amnesty” that they promised after taking the capital Kabul.

Despite everything, the Taliban recommended that women stay at home until they “can guarantee safety”.

The Taliban already ruled in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. In those years they applied Islamic laws or the ‘sharia’, thus repressing the rights of women, as well as banning music, cinema, television or the schooling of women. little girls. Likewise, harsh punishments in public to what they disobeyed or committed crimes.

On the other hand, since they came to power again due to the rapid withdrawal of the troops of the USA, the Taliban have tried to convey a more modern and moderate image, such as with footage of them jumping on inflatable beds, in bumper cars or also in the gym.

One of the latest videos that have been shown internationally has been that of a group of girls going to school, showing that their rights are respected.

Although human rights groups question these attitudes and believe that everything obeys a propaganda apparatus to be accepted internationally.

Meanwhile, the evacuation of the Afghan collaborators with the western armies. EE.UU. He finalizes his withdrawal from the country, with the deadline of August 31 for total departure.

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