Wednesday, March 22

This innovative cream could protect us from frostbite | Digital Trends Spanish

Thanks to the work of a group of scientists, we humans will soon be able to avoid freezing when we go outside on the coldest days of winter.

For this, it will only be necessary to apply an antifreeze cream, just as we do with the sunscreen when we want to avoid getting burned by UV rays.

This work was developed by the Indian Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research. The finding consists of a liquid solution containing the compounds dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), which are frequently used in laboratories to cryopreserve cells.

While DMSO prevents ice crystals from forming inside cells, PVA prevents them from forming between cells, as well as preventing damage to their outer membranes.

After experimenting with different proportions of the two substances, the researchers were able to find the combination that best protected cultured cells from damage caused by exposure to low temperatures.

The mixture was called SynAFP and allowed a cell survival rate of close to 80 percent.

The research team also combined SynAFP with a commercial aloe vera cream that was applied to mice 15 minutes before they were subjected to a cold test.

The scientists found that, compared to the control group, the mice that received the cream suffered smaller frostbite, less tissue damage, and less inflammation. Also, his injuries were able to heal much faster.

The team behind the research is now looking to determine if this innovative cream works in humans and how often it should be applied.

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