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This is B2EMO, the new robot that will make its debut in Andor | Digital Trends Spanish

In the last week of August, more specifically on the 31st, will premiere Andorthe series that will tell the story of the beginning of the rebellion and of Cassian Andor and that will include the presence of Mon Mothma, a key piece of starwars.

And as always in the stories of the galactic saga, the droids have a fundamental place. If RD-D2 went along with C3PO the precursors and then in Disney Plus they have been followed by L0-LA59 in Kenobi and The Mandalorian showed us IG-11, now B2EMO is coming, the robot that will play an important role in Andor.

In fact, its importance was highlighted in the San Diego Comic-Con 2022where he was displayed in the costumes of Cassian Andor and Mon Mothma.

B2EMO will be a red colored droid and his presentation anticipates that he may be called Bee or Bee Two. All while being described as “a very old and worn mechanical ground salvage assistance unit” who has been in the Andor family “during years”.

A closer look at the #SDCC closet for B2EMO from #andor! 👀

— The Star Wars Underworld (@TheSWU) July 21, 2022

Andor It is set before the events of rogue one and will follow Cassian through several key events in his life including the Empire’s destruction of his home planet.

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