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This is “Heroes of Metaverse”, the new “play to win” game

Heroes of Metaverse is the new game based on the mechanics of playing to win that the Brazilian Prota Games brings to its players. The game uses blockchain technology and NFTs to immerse players in a new world of 3D fantasy action. In order to earn rewards in HGS tokens and NFTs, players will need to complete various missions. The presale of NFTs from Heroes of Metaverse It will be held this Friday, January 14, through the Prota Games platform, where unique and exclusive digital objects will be minted for the blockchain game.

Heroes of the Metaverse game

Those interested in the pre-sale of NFTs should sign up for the whitelist of the game. To participate, they must complete the tasks indicated on the web portal. The NFTs will be offered with a variable value: from 0.3 BNB, up to 2.4 BNB and from approximately $140 to $1,200 USD, according to their rarity level.

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Heroes of Metaverse is a blockchain-based 3D game and metaverse. Within the game, players must fight monsters and complete quests in real time to collect rewards in the form of points, tokens, and NFT items. The game will have two tokens of its own. The first, HGS, of infinite supply, will serve to reward and pay users for their time and interaction within the game. The second, HOM, will serve as a governance token and will have a limited issue of 30 million units. HOM will be available on major cryptocurrency exchanges, following the presale of NFTs.

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A metaverse of action

Within Heroes of Metaverse, players will be able to travel through a fantasy world, called “Metaheroes World”, full of magic, dungeons, monsters, heroes and villains. The avatar heroes of the game: Sebastian, Apollo, Napoleon, Flora and Filomena, will have the peculiarity of evolving and improving their skills and abilities over time. In addition to fighting legendary battles, the players of Heroes of Metaverse They will also be able to interact and socialize with other users within the metaversian platform.

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Heroes of Metaverse wants to be a “living” game, which will evolve hand in hand with the players over the next 20 years. It will include avatars, NFTs, reward tokens, governance tokens, and other innovations that will be added over time to shape its own reality. Allowing players to monetize their time and skills, to build their own independent digital economies.

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digital earth

Heroes of Metaverse It will have 3 game modes that will adapt to the needs of the users. From player versus environment (PvE), to PVE Multiplayer and player versus player (PVP). The game will offer different options to its users to complete their missions and be rewarded within the platform.

The digital earth, one of the most valuable objects within the metaverses, is also present in Heroes of Metaverse. Prota Games notes that its game will include digital land ownership through NFTs. Players who own lots of land will be able to cultivate their virtual land, to collect resources and minerals. Or, exploit the potential of digital real estate, building environments that they can then rent to others.

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Prota Games is the main developer and creator of game content in Latin America and one of the most important in the world. The company, of Brazilian origin, offers training programs aimed at improving the performance and performance of players in digital games such as Fortnite and Free Fire. These two games feature in the list of the most popular in the world, with more than 350 million registered users in 2021. The programs are run by 14 professional players who are part of the Prota Games ecosystem. Currently, Prota Games has 10 million users.

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Blockchain technology and NFTs have completely revolutionized one of the most powerful industries in the world: video games. The combination of these new and emerging technologies with the world of digital games has resulted in a trend of global reach. The games Play to Earn (P2E) they were popularized with titles like Axie Infinity, Alien Worlds and Splinterlands in 2021, although for many analysts, the mass adoption will start in 2022.

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Beyond fun, Play to Earn games are pushing the video game industry into the next frontier, bringing virtual ownership and digital economies to life. For Prota Games, P2E is the biggest revolution in the multi-billion dollar video game industry. An industry that moves close to $150,000 million dollars a year.

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