Saturday, December 10

This is how a telescope captured the impact of DART against Dimorphos | Digital Trends Spanish

A true feat was achieved this Monday, September 26, by NASA with its DART mission and the crash against the asteroid Dimorphoswith the intention of diverting its trajectory in the Dydimos system.

And if the United States Space Agency showed us a close-up image of the impact, here a telescope gives us an extended and peripheral view.

Its about Asteroid Terrestrial Impact Last Alert System (ATLAS), based in Hawaii consisting of four telescopes (Hawaii x2, Chile, South Africa), which automatically scan the entire sky multiple times each night for moving objects.

ATLAS observations of the DART spacecraft impact at Didymos!

— ATLAS Project (@fallingstarIfA) September 27, 2022

In a sequence of images distributed on its Twitter account, ATLAS shows that the Didymos system, in which Dimorphos revolves around the main object Didymos, brightens considerably at the moment of impact 11 million kilometers from Earth. Right after, a huge layer of ejected material shoots out as a result of the impact, crediting the success of the mission.

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