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This is how a tire explodes when overcoming the sound barrier | Digital Trends Spanish

What happens when the sound speed barrier is exceeded? The people behind Garage 54, a Russian-based YouTube channel, did the experiment with a vehicle tire and it all ended as expected: with a bang.

The sound barrier is reached at a speed of 1,234 km / h (approximately 767 mph) and to reach that speed with a tire, the experiment team used a 200 horsepower motor together with a special Z-class tire designed to turn over 300km / h (or 168 mph) without too much trouble.

However, it is not as easy as connecting the motor, an axle and a tire, but finding the right conditions so that the system does not disarm before reaching the desired speed. After various tests, he found the right engine: the Toyota 2MZ-FE, which in addition to the 200 horsepower is an automatic transmission, eliminating the need to have a person passing speeds at a safe distance.

Before reaching the target speed, the Garage 54 members saw part of the system go out of place due to turning power, and several tires broke in the process.

But finally, the engineered system withstood the demands it was subjected to and, before exploding dramatically, the tire spun at a speed of 1,332 km / h (827 mph). The engine reached 10,437 revolutions per minute, far exceeding the number for which it was designed. And the explosion can be seen at minute 18:37 of the video above.

Clearly the tire was useless, but the experiment served to prove that a tire created for land use can rotate as fast as the speed of sound.

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