Thursday, September 23

This is how Banco Santander supports companies that are committed to a green economy

Santander Bank has positioned itself as the best ally of Spanish companies. The entity offers various financial solutions that drive their growth and profitability, and accompanies and advises them on their path to sustainability. One of the main tools to fulfill this task is the Smart background, a debt fund that supports the development of companies and SMEs with long-term financing so that they can undertake strategic projects for growth, sustainability, innovation, digitization and job creation.

This fund covers projects of organic and inorganic growth, national and international, with a wide range of destination of funds: R + D + i, tangible and intangible assets, expansion of existing units, new business units, new subsidiaries or M&A, among others. . All projects are supported by flexible structures adapted to the needs of each company.

Wallbox is one of the companies that has received the support of Santander through the Smart Fund to make a notable leap in its growth and expansion. This Catalan startup develops state-of-the-art electric vehicle charging solutions for homes, companies and cities, making available more efficient and sustainable ways of using and sharing energy.

The Spanish firm, which was born in 2015, received the support of Banco Santander in 2017 through the Smart Fund. At the beginning of the summer, Ana Botín, president of Grupo Santander, and António Simões, regional manager for Europe and CEO of Santander Spain, toured the company’s facilities and learned first-hand about the products they offer and their expansion plans.

“The bet you made 4 years ago with these 2.4 million euros, actually, in part, is what has allowed Wallbox to be what it is today,” commented Enric Asunción and Eduard Castañeda, founders of this company, who told them They explained the importance of having the support of the bank in its early days.

“The success of Wallbox is based on the innovation, talent, ambition and work of Enric, Eduard and their team to change the world. We are proud that since 2017 we have supported from Santander this vision of a more sustainable, more digital and greener world, ”said Ana Botín.

This company was recognized in the 2020 Pyme of the Year Awards, awards granted by Santander and the Chamber of Commerce, and has become the first listed Spanish unicorn thanks to its unstoppable growth derived from its investment in technology and innovation. “When you told us about the project, one of the things that we had the most interest in was, first that we believed that they would be very successful, and also the type of governance and the team that it had,” said the president of Santander . Those responsible for the company indicated that they are committed to attracting the best talent, and increasingly including female engineers in the team, despite the difficulty of finding this type of specialized profiles.

Financing to combat climate change

Banco Santander has drawn up an ambitious roadmap to meet its responsible banking objectives. And one of its commitments is precisely to support the transition of companies towards a green economy. The entity aims to provide 120,000 million euros in green financing between 2019 and 2025, a figure that rises to 220,000 million with an eye toward 2030. According to data published at the end of the first semester, Santander has already mobilized 41,700 million to accompany companies in the fight against climate change.

The group closed 2020 as the leader in financing renewable projects in Spain and the world, both by volume of financing and by number of operations, according to the ranking prepared by Dealogic. During the past financial year, the entity participated in Spain in a total of 28 operations with a total amount of 1,170 million euros, which represents 17.4% of the total activity in the country and means revalidating the first position for the fifth consecutive year.

Furthermore, the division of Corporate & Investment Banking Santander in Spain holds the leadership in debt advice (advisory debt) in the renewables sector, with 1,500 million euros attributed, and in number of renewable energy projects (green project bond) that he has coordinated, with a total of 15, according to this same source.

In this sense, in advisory services, they actively participate in the financing of new projects with a positive environmental impact and are committed to becoming an international benchmark in sustainable finance through the reinforcement of their offer of ESG products and solutions to support their corporate banking clients and investment in their strategies towards sustainable models. It also offers green products to individuals, SMEs or companies such as green mortgages, loans for energy efficiency, leases for the installation of renewable energy or loans for clean transport or for low-carbon agriculture.