Sunday, December 5

This is how Bitcoin & Co. move on Thursday

The price of Bitcoin rose to $ 61,112.43 today, compared to $ 58,596.74 the previous day.

The Bitcoin Cash price has risen. Bitcoin Cash gained to $ 575.63 after trading at $ 552.30 the previous day.


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The price of Ethereum rose to $ 4,159.92. The day before, there were 3,940.19 dollars on the books.

The Litecoin course presents itself as a plus. This is currently trading at $ 188.22. The day before, the price had stood at $ 179.74.

The Ripple price rose to $ 1.058 today, compared to $ 1.003 the previous day.

The Cardano rate has risen. The Cardano price gained to $ 2.022 after trading at $ 1.928 the previous day.

The Monero price was trading at $ 265.30 on Thursday. The Monero price climbed above the previous day’s level of 256.44 US dollars.

The IOTA is up at $ 1.253. The previous evening, the digital currency was still at $ 1.204.

The Verge rate, meanwhile, continues to hover around the $ 0.0223 mark compared to the previous day.

The price of the digital currency Stellar rose to $ 0.3461 on Thursday. The day before, the rate of the digital currency was put at 0.3314 US dollars.

The NEM rate rises to $ 0.1621. The NEM exceeded the previous day’s level of 0.1546 US dollars.

The Dash course has picked up compared to the previous day. A Dash is currently worth $ 184.19. The price was yesterday at $ 175.20.

The price of the digital currency NEO is up today at 41.34 US dollars. The previous day the price was $ 39.41. editorial team