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This is how my daily routine has changed the Amazon Echo Show 15 | Digital Trends Spanish

If years ago someone had told us that we would have some screens at home to ask them to do things for us, we would have treated that person crazy. In the middle of 2022 this is an inescapable reality, and Amazon is a specialist in it.

The Echo Show line offers us the possibility of interacting with Alexa, at the same time that we have a screen for whatever we like. I must admit that I have always been a little reluctant to use this type of product because I did not see how or when to do it. However, since the Echo Show 15 fell into my hands a few weeks ago, my perception of them has changed.

In the following lines I will not present an analysis of the specifications of the Amazon Echo Show 15 nor will I talk about its performance, since this was already done very well by my colleague Daniel Matus. What I will do is tell you how this device has changed part of my daily routine since I installed it in my house.

First of all, I will clarify that I placed it in the kitchen because it seemed to me that it would be the place where I could take advantage of it the most, since together with my office it is the part of my home where I spend the most time.

With that said, I’ll tell you a few bits of my daily routine so you know how the Amazon Echo Show 15 works with Alexa.

morning consultations

In the mornings, before I go to work, I spend a good time in the kitchen. I have three cats and two dogs, all very old and with their hobbies, so every day I’m in the kitchen for half an hour to prepare their meals and medicines.

After this, I take the dogs for a walk and check the weather on my phone. Upon arrival, before going to the computer, I review the news of the day.

Well, since I have this device I have optimized the time: while I prepare the things for the critters I ask Alexa to tell me how the weather is, so I avoid having to go to the phone. Then I ask what the news of the day is and I listen to it while I prepare everything. That way, when I get back from the dog walk, I can get to work right away.

Cooking is a little easier

I like to eat healthy and I love to cook, so practically every day I get into the kitchen for a long time to prepare lunch and dinner for the day (or the next).

When I’m not using recipes I already know, I tend to improvise or search the internet for what to do with the ingredients I have left in the fridge. Now what I do is ask Alexa what I can cook, so I save another little time. What I like the most is that I can select a recipe and ask him to give me the steps to follow. In addition, I can see on the screen how it is done.

Amazon EchoShow 15

Oh, there is one more thing. While cooking, I often run out of ingredients. Before, I had to remember to write it down later in a Telegram chat I have with my partner (just in case he’s going to buy), but now I just have to tell Alexa to write down what’s missing. The best thing is that this list is dumped on our phones without us doing anything at all.

Entertaining with my “guilty pleasure”

One of the biggest advantages of having an Echo Show is having an extra screen to view multimedia content. I would be lying if I say that I use mine to watch movies or series, since I am too sybaritic in that aspect and I need a large display and a good sofa.

Amazon EchoShow 15

However, I take advantage of the times in the kitchen to put videos on YouTube or streams on Twitch. I also take advantage of the speakers – which sounds very, very good – to listen to some metal on Amazon Music or a podcast. Now, my favorite thing to do is ask Alexa to open TikTok and show me my feed on the Echo Show 15 screen.

It sounds a little weird, but the truth is that I never imagined that I could be watching TikTok on a screen while the vegetables for dinner were roasting. Believe me, the routine has become much more enjoyable since I have this device on my kitchen shelf.

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