Monday, May 29

This is how pensions will rise in 2022

The Council of Ministers will approve today the increase in pensions for 2022, which will mean an increase of 2.5 percent for contributory pensions and 3 percent for minimum and non-contributory pensions, as agreed between the Government and the social agents.

Too will approve the last ‘paguilla’, an extra payment aimed at compensating for the deviation of 1.6 percent between the 0.9 percent that pensions were revalued at the beginning of 2021 and the 2.5 percent that average inflation has finally risen in the last 12 months and whose cost exceeds 2,000 million euros.

This will be the last year that it is paid, since with the entry into force of the pension reform and its revaluation based on the CPI, this figure disappears.

The revaluation of pensions for 2022 and the ‘paguilla’ of 2021 they will cost close to 6,500 million euros, as reported by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.

An increase between 10 and 59 euros for minimum contributory pensions

This year the minimum contributory pensions will increase between 10 and 59 euros per month. Thus, the amount of the minimum contributory pension for retirees aged 65 and over with a dependent spouse will remain at 890.5 euros per month divided into 14 payments; the pension for those without a spouse is set at 721.7 euros and that of those with a spouse who is not dependent on them will be 685 euros per month.

For those under 65 years of age, the minimum contributory pension with a dependent spouse is set at 834.9 euros per month; without a spouse at 675.2 euros and with a spouse who is not in charge at 638.2 euros.

While the maximum retirement pension is set for this year at 2,819.19 euros per month divided into fourteen payments.

Widow’s pension

Minimum contributory widow’s pensions will rise between 24 and 37 euros per month. For those with family responsibilities, they will reach 834.9 euros per month and for those over 65 years of age and for those with a disability greater than or equal to 65 percent, the minimum widow’s pension will be 721.7 euros per month.

If they are between 60 and 64 years old, the benefit will be 675.2 euros per month and in the case of those under 60 years of age, 546.8 euros.

Severe disability, total disability and orphanhood

The minimum contributory pension for severe disability goes up to 1,335.8 euros per month if you have a dependent spouse and up to 1,082.6 euros if you don’t.

While the minimum pension for absolute or total disability of holders aged 65 with a dependent spouse will be 890.5 euros per month and that of those who do not have a dependent spouse will be 721.7 euros.

The minimum amount of orphan’s pensions amounts to 220.7 euros per month. If the beneficiary is under 18 years of age and has a disability greater than or equal to 65 percent, the amount rises to 434 euros per month. The minimum pension for family members is 220.7 euros per month.

A payroll in January of 10,745.39 million euros

After applying the pension revaluation mechanism, january payroll of Social Security contributory benefits has risen to 10,745.39 million euros.

72.20 percent of the pension payroll, 7,758.14 million euros, has been allocated to the payment of retirement pensions. This amount has experienced a growth of 7.06 percent in the last twelve months, according to sources from the Ministry of Social Security.

1,824.99 million euros have been allocated to widowhood pensions, 5.43 percent more than in January 2021; the payroll for permanent disability benefits was 985.21 million euros (+4.45%), while that for orphans amounted to 149.06 million euros (+5.89%) and benefits for of relatives, 27.99 million (+8.22%).

About ten million pensions

Of the 9,922,051 contributory pensions paid in January, 6,226,951 were for retirement, 2,357,080 for widows, 952,322 for permanent disability, 341,417 for orphans and 44,281 for relatives.

Y the average pension of the system has risen to 1,082.98 euros per month, which has meant a rise of 5.33 percent in the last year. While the average retirement pension stood at 1,245.90 euros in January, 5.40 percent more than a year earlier