Wednesday, December 7

This is how Pokémon cards are made: from drawing, text and packaging | Digital Trends Spanish

A unpublished video he found the Pokémon TCG fan site, PokéBeachit is a record apparently from 2017 of The Pokemon Company, which shows the entire process of creating a letter, from drawing, to adding the text and packaging.

You see things like lists are inside an Excel file that show if a card has new text or illustrations.

Here after all the translation of phrases and text within the card is generated.

After the main set cards are approved, they start working on the full art cards. They have to create individual card textures for each completed art. They presumably don’t use the same card textures as Japan because the English TCG is printed using a different technology.

It takes three weeks to translate each set and create the card templates.

The set is translated into other languages, such as French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese. After all translations are complete, the set is burned to CD and FedEx to Millennium Print Group’s printers for printing. The cards are printed here for all languages ​​outside of Asia, and then shipped all over the world.

On printers, a proof sheet is printed to verify the color of the cards. Once adjustments are made, master plates are created for each color (up to eight plates). These plates are dipped in ink to print the cards. The cards are printed using $8.5 million printing presses that are 120 feet long. Each printing press can produce 26.62 million Pokémon cards per day, or 220,000 double-sided sheets. Cards are printed on one sheet together: each sheet contains 11 x 11 cards, or 121 cards total.

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