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This is how Samsung tests the resistance of its folding | Digital Trends Spanish

Through a video posted on its YouTube channel, Samsung showed the tough endurance tests its folding phones are subjected to, particularly the Galaxy Z Fold4 and the Z Flip 3 5G.

In the registry, the devices that were launched on the market last month, are subjected to four different tests. One of these tests is the environmental camera, which guarantees the reproduction of videos and the operation of the cameras under different climatic conditions.

Another test consists of evaluating the resistance of the phones to water in different positions. It also ran a compatibility test of its foldables with its S Pen stylus.


According to Samsung, the Galaxy Z series devices passed the durability test by being folded 200,000 times, which is equivalent to about five years of active use.

Of course, this is not to say that phones are indestructible, which is why experts always advise treating smartphones with care.

The image shows part of the Samsung folding endurance tests.

“To produce the durable and reliable folding devices that our users love so much, we had to design an innovative way to develop and test the devices,” Samsung explains in a statement.

“With no proven model to follow, we spent years running thousands of tests, drawing on diverse perspectives and developing a new approach. As a result, we have been able to develop completely new materials, such as Armor Aluminum, and optimize existing components in the layers of the display panel to maintain the highest durability standards yet. ”

This is the video showing the stress tests published by Samsung:

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