Wednesday, January 19

This is how Spotify summarizes your year in an entertaining presentation | Digital Trends Spanish

December arrives and the season of balances and end-of-the-year summaries begins. Of course, streaming does not escape this trend. Spotify, for example, already shows what users listened to the most during 2021.

It is about Spotify Wrapped 2021 that includes the songs, artists and genres most played by the platform’s clients.

As has happened on other occasions, Spotify shows the summary through an entertaining and didactic presentation where the person can see what they played the most during the last twelve months.

This includes songs, artists, bands, albums, and podcasts. The total number of minutes listened to during the year and a percentage that compares it with the total of each artist worldwide is also displayed.

For example, if the group most listened to was Pearl Jam, the number of minutes and the percentage that this represents is shown if all users of the platform are considered.

Here’s what Spotify’s Wrapped 2021 shows:

  • Your best songs 2021
  • Your artists revealed
  • The best songs and artists of 2021
  • The best new podcasts of 2021
  • The best episodes of 2021
  • Best of 2021
  • A look back in 2021

How to access the summary?

The Wrapped 2021 feature was launched today globally and is now available on the Spotify app for iOS and Android.

To access this summary, you must first make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the app. Then you have to go to the Home tab from where you can access the interactive experience.