Thursday, July 29

This is how the Cap de Creus nature reserve has remained after the fire that burned 415 hectares

Dust, branches and burned rocks are all that remains along the 415 hectares that burned the fire between Port de la Selva and Llançà (Alt Empordà). From a drone view, the landscape in the Cap de Creus natural park is bleak.

Firefighters stabilize the fire that has burned 400 hectares of the Cap de Creus natural park

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The ACN agency has flown over the area affected by the fire two days after the Fire Department declared it extinguished. Beyond some green areas that were saved, the mountain has been blackened transforming the postcard of these municipalities for a few years.

The flames have exposed the old terraces that were used by the vineyards and that the plague of the phylloxera left in disuse. These terraces had been transformed in recent years into forest terraces covering the mountain in green. Beyond this, it is difficult to identify what remains of vegetation in the area.

Throughout the area covered with the drone, you can see how several houses experienced the flames up close. The protection strips, however, were key to stopping the fire and it can be seen that the flames slowed down when they reached areas with little vegetation.

Of the 415 hectares burned by the fire that lasted three days, most is forest mass. In addition, the fire has mainly affected the Cap de Creus Natural Park: of the entire charred area, 402.2 hectares are part of this natural reserve.

The flames started at noon on Friday, just after 1:30. The investigations indicate that it would be a badly extinguished cigarette butt that took the vegetation from the side of the road that connects Llançà with the Port de la Selva. The north wind and the lack of rain did the rest to animate a fire that immediately went up the mountain. To extinguish the flames, the Firefighters assigned about eighty troops between land and air crews.

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