Sunday, December 10

This is how the free Renfe season ticket is requested, step by step

Renfe already offers all the information on their website necessary to acquire the new free vouchers to travel on Cercanías and Media Distancia trains that the Government approved in the Council of Ministers last Monday, with the aim of “promoting public transport and reducing the use of private vehicles”.

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A measure that confronts the current energy crisis and responds to the climatic emergency, “by helping to reduce our energy dependence and our carbon footprint”, according to Renfe.

“This is an initiative that promotes the maximum use of this type of collective public transport to guarantee obligatory daily mobility with a safe, reliable, comfortable, economical and sustainable means of transport, in an extraordinary situation of sustained increase in prices. of energy and fuels”, explains the public company.

First step: register

The first step to acquire the free subscription is to register in or in the Renfe apps. From the Renfe website you can access the register through the login icon. And of the three records that exist, you have to make the record “Más Renfe” (more information here).

Commuter Subscription

Once registered, each traveler will be able to purchase the Cercanías pass free of charge from August 24 for their Cercanía core (for example, Madrid, Seville, Cádiz or Bilbao). The subscription has a validity date of up to 4 months, from September 1 with expiration on December 31, 2022.

Renfe recommends acquiring it in the app, to avoid “queues and waiting”. Although it can also be done in self-service machines and at station ticket offices.

The subscription is free, but to acquire it you must pay a deposit of 10 euros. “We recommend that you make the payment by credit/debit card,” continues the transport company. “The deposit will be returned to your card automatically at the end of the four months of validity of the subscription, provided that you have made a minimum of 16 trips (remember to validate your subscription at the start and end of each trip)”, he adds.

“If the payment of the bail has been made in cash, a specific request for the return of the bail must be completed. It is important that you keep the card for the entire validity period of the Subscription, so that we can refund the deposit you have made”, he concludes.

Medium Distance Subscription

It has the same characteristics as the Cercanías train, but it differs in that it is limited to a specific route, with origin and destination, and in that the deposit is 20 euros.


Apart from these free season tickets, from September 1 to December 31, “you can benefit from a 50% reduction in the price of all Avant season tickets purchased on those dates,” says Renfe, who emphasizes that “there are they maintain the current subscriptions (Plus Card, Plus 10 Card, Plus 10 Student Card and Plus 10-45 Card) with a price reduction of 50%. You will be able to purchase your Avant pass at a reduced price from September 1 and through the usual purchase channels: Renfe App, website, self-service machines and station ticket offices (we recommend buying online)”.